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RCMontgomery.net is the personal weblog of writer and folklore collector R. Connor Montgomery.  Herein may be found ramblings and ruminations regarding music, history, music history, most anything related to Texas and her culture and ways-of-life, and surely a great many more things that have yet to be cogitated.

About the Author…

Yours truly.

As you might infer based upon the title of this website (if not the preceding paragraph), I am the eponymous R.C. Montgomery.  That stands for Robert Connor, but I usually go by my middle name to avoid confusion with the movie star.  Among the handful of positive epithets that I can rightly claim, the one that seems most aptly applicable is “writer”, an occupation in which I do not claim much merit, but to which I apply most of my ambitions nevertheless, for I lack significant marketable skill in most others.  Some other descriptors I might apply to myself would—in no particular order—include song collector and autodidactic folklorist (“folk folklorist”, if you will), amateur historian, music lover, vehement regionalist Texan, preservation and  conservation advocate, aspiring drugstore cowboy, middling guitar picker, hopeless nostalgic, and self-described “maverick” (often to my own detriment).  If you’ve come here to read my life’s story, well, what you’ll find below is all I’m telling.

My familial roots in the the greatest state on earth can be traced all the way back to my second cousin, the legendary Texas Ranger and revolutionary hero Ben McCulloch, who arrived in the Mexican colony with David Crockett in 1835.  After about a decade, my direct ancestors arrived in the Republic of Texas, becoming founding settlers of the county of Van Zandt before venturing ever westerly, where they sired my own bloodline, as well as that of my dearest first cousin, thrice-removed, Ernest Tubb (whom I name-drop only out of pride and admiration).  Seven generations later, a little ways outside of Fort Worth, I was born and raised.  Perhaps it’s looking back on all the Texas history behind me that likewise instilled the Lone Star State deep within my own heart and fostered my interest in preserving the traditions and folkways—as well as physical reminders—of the people who came before me in this great land, and in this globalized age in which so many traditional ways-of-life seem to be increasingly endangered, that cause seems to have never been more imperative.Whatever the cause may be, I have always had my head stuck in the past, haunted by a time that I never knew, and it is that which has guided me into many of my various worldly endeavors.  Hokey as that may sound, I swear to you it is the truth.  Now, I surely hope that all the preceding self-adulation doesn’t put me across as having a big head, because I sincerely don’t believe that to be true (it’s really only a 7 3/8).

About the Website…

RCMontgomery.net first went live in the wee hours of September 26, 2019.  Its creator, R. Connor Montgomery, has previously (and presently) served as the webmaster of Old Time Blues—the internet’s finest repository of 78 RPM records (if I do say so myself)—since 2015.

This website uses WordPress with the Twenty Eleven theme; the background image comes from circa 1920s postcard of Fredericksburg, Texas, in author’s collection.  Logo typeface is “Morphine” font by Billy Argel, licensed free for personal use (for which this site, as a personal blog involving no monetary gain or exchange whatsoever, should qualify).  Site logo and favicon was created with Monogram Frames free online monogram maker, licensed free for personal use with attribution.