In my adventures along the backroads all around the state of Texas, I have shot hundreds of photographs of roadside sights that I found interesting.  My main goal in in this hobby is to document what’s left of my beloved “old Texas” before it dies off completely.  I don’t claim to be a much of a photographer, and most of these photographs turn out to be junk, but sometimes there are a few stand-out shots that I find fairly decent.  On this page, I have collected some of those select few.  Most of these photographs were taken with nothing more than my humble iPhone camera, and they are published here more out of interest for their subjects than for any artistic merit or technical quality.  With some inspiration from my favorite historical photographs, they have been subjected to a small amount of creative editing to clean up some blemishes or modern profanities and perhaps evoke some rustical quality (but mostly to cover up my shortcomings as a photographer).  Be advised that this page will be updated periodically with new additions, and please note that the order in which the pictures appear is randomized, so they will appear differently every time the page is loaded.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy looking at them, however, I respectfully request that you do not republish these photographs anywhere on the internet or elsewhere without contacting me first; they are watermarked for a reason, after all.