In my adventures along the backroads all around the state of Texas, I have—as a hobby—shot hundreds of photographs of roadside sights that I found interesting.  My goal in doing such is to document what’s left of the “old Texas” that I love so dearly, before it vanishes entirely.  I can’t call myself a photographer, but I am a guy who enjoys taking pictures.  Most of them are junk, but there are always a few stand-out shots that I think turned out to be fairly decent.  On this page, I have collected some of those select few.  Most of these photographs were taken with no more than my humble iPhone camera (a few with more sophisticated photographic equipment).  In any case, I’ve published them here more out of interest for their subjects than for their artistic merit or technical quality.  Drawing more than my fair share of inspiration from the Farm Security Administration photographers of the 1930s (only depicting a whole lot fewer people) and other vintage photographs such as the background image of this very website, they have been subjected to a small amount of creative editing to remove some of the profanities of modernity, and perhaps to evoke some rustical quality (but mostly just to cover up my shortcomings as a photographer).  Be advised that this page will most certainly be updated periodically with new additions.  Please note that the order in which the pictures appear is randomized, so it will appear differently every time the page is loaded.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy looking at them, however, I respectfully request that you do not republish these photographs anywhere on the internet or elsewhere without contacting me first; they are, after all, watermarked for a reason.