Hello World (Doggone You)!

Well, here I am once again with this automatically generated post from WordPress.  Back over on Old Time Blues, I had the perfect little piece of history to fill the space under that “Hello World” header, but this time around I suppose I have no other choice than to just shoot the bull a little while…

(Nevertheless, “Old Man” Henderson will still help to ring in the new era.)

Firstly, allow me to introduce myself.  As you may infer from those nifty looking letters emblazoned so boldly up above, my name is R.C. Montgomery—or Connor Montgomery, as most who know me would call me, but the former sounds more literary.  I am the writer (a word I choose carefully over “webmaster” because I cannot guarantee that the site won’t fall apart at any moment) responsible for creating this website, which I intend to function as my personal publishing platform (blogs they call ’em these days) for whatever writings and possibly inane, possibly insane ramblings I should happen to produce; to provide myself with a space to polish up my writing skills, to promote myself professionally, and to espouse what few opinions I care strongly enough about to share.  Here on my eponymous website, you may expect to find writings on the subjects of history, beautiful beautiful Texas, probably some musical matters that don’t fit in on Old Time Blues, perhaps a bit relating to my rather esoteric sense of fashion (or esoteric sense of most anything else, for that matter), and anything else I might care to publicly announce.  Should you read site, you will surely come to better know and understand the man behind Old Time Blues.  May God help you.

As previously stated, I was—and am—responsible for creating and curating Old Time Blues, which (at the time of publication) hosts more than three hundred, and counting, antique phonograph records and the histories thereof.  When I first created Old Time Blues, it was intended to more-or-less fulfill the same purpose as this site—to feature both the records and any other manner of content that should happen to spring from my fingertips—but as time went by it evolved into its sole purpose as the digital repository of 78 RPM phonograph records that it is today, and I think it’s better that way.  But it left me bereft of the personal soapbox that I had intended.  This new site however, what with it bearing my own name for its title, will most certainly be both soapier and boxier than Old Time Blues ever could’ve been.  As a result of that, lacking such a clearly defined format or mission statement, I can guarantee that postings here will be much fewer and farther between than over there.  But hopefully, whatever may be lacking in quantity will be made up for in quality.

Now, I suppose I needn’t say much more, so if you’ve read this far, I thank you for your attention, and, as I have now reached the conclusion of this new beginning, as parting words I must once again regurgitate that immortal utterance from “Old Man” Henderson:

Hello world, doggone ya. Now don’t you go away!

Never-Before-Seen Footage of Jimmie Rodgers Discovered?

In my spare time, and when the thought occurs to me, I enjoy browsing the Digital Video Repository of the Moving Image Research Collections (or MIRC) at the University of South Carolina, a vast online archive of historical film footage, much of which consists of newsreels footage.  Often, I’ll just enter some different search terms and see if I can find anything interesting.  It was on one such online excursion that I stumbled across a newsreel (or rather outtakes thereof) depicting the arrival of the famed humorist, movie star, and cowboy philosopher Will Rogers in San Antonio, Texas, that caught my attention.  I am (as any red-blooded American surely must be) counted among Will Rogers’ legion of admirers, but his presence was not what attracted my interest to the video.  Rather, it was the appearance of a background character that struck me as a familiar face.

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R.C.M.’s Reproduction Vintage Menswear Compendium

It’s no secret that I like vintage clothes; I have a modest collection of them, but often I opt to save the irreplaceable antiques for special occasions, and use more replaceable vintage styled modern garments for everyday wear.  Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find those esoteric styles, most of what you’ll find at your local department store conforms to the modern fashion trends of low-waisted slim-fit slave labor made rags.  In my never-ending search for alternatives, I’ve compiled the following list of websites offering vintage styled clothing for men.  I’ve included everything I can find in this list—some are top-notch, high quality goods, others may be less so—you’ll have to use your own discretion.  I can’t vouch for the quality of most these products, as I have only sampled a few thusfar.  It isn’t my goal to build any of them up, nor to tear them down, only to put their names all together in one convenient place.  By request, the locations of each are listed by their ISO two digit country codes, and can easily be searched using your browsers “find” feature (typically “Ctrl+F”).

If you happen to belong to the feminine persuasion, I’m afraid I can’t offer much help, except for the sources listed here that cater to both sexes (and there are a fair number of those), but I can tell you that reproduction vintage for women seems to be more prevalent than for men.  I’d recommend giving it a search on Google, someone else has probably made a list like this for ladies’ wear.

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